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Chaining of Stored Process

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Chaining of Stored Process

Hello Experts,


I have developed a simple web application using the SAS Stored Process on Windows Server. It's absolutely working fine there but when I have migrated to Linux environment - It is working fine till the second screen. When User is moving to next screen after entering the values into the second screen, it doesn't passing the macro variables of input form to third screen. They were defined as Global.


Just to simplify:

Screen 1: Having simple text box to mention the Name (Two global macro variables - Name and Dataset name)

Screen 2: Having three text box to mention the Address (Three Macro Variables Address1, Address2 & Postal Code. Dataset name and Name has been forwarded to this screen)

Screen 3: Report output (All the above variables defined as Global and should pass here to update the table and generate the report).


But screen 3 is not having all the macro variables and this issue is only in Linux (RHEL) operating system.


Need help to resolve this issue.


Thanks in advance

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Re: Chaining of Stored Process




- The filename case of your SAS programs containg/storing the stored process logic - Linux is case sensetive unlike Window. make sure to store all filenames in lower case on Linux.


- The directory/file permissions of your SAS programs containg/storing the stored process logic - Depending how you running your Stored Process on Linux, Ensure the Account ID interacting with your stored process, has access (Directory: r-w, File:r-- ) to all the stored process sas programs.


Hope this helps,


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Re: Chaining of Stored Process

Maybe you need to use session variables, could be so that there is a new session for each step you have. Check this link, I have succesfully used sessions in some of my web applications.



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Re: Chaining of Stored Process

Can you see the variables being chained together in the URL from 2 to 3?
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