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Can the parameter screen be resized?

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Can the parameter screen be resized?

I have a stored process that when its executed, the parameter screen does display all parameters for selection. However, the bottom parameter is so close to the bottom of the parameter screen that it might be ignored. Is there a way to increase the size of the overall parameter screen, primarily to have more space around parameters and secondly, to be more aesthetically pleasing?

I'm aware I can make the parameter near the bottom of the screen be a mandatory selection / entry, which is fine.... I'm interested in resizing the parameter screen.

If anyone can lend a hand, it would be gratefully appreciated.
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Re: Can the parameter screen be resized?

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The parameter screens are built by each client application. Therefore, you do not have control over the property sheet or size of the dialog box that the user will see.

However, you CAN set parameter GROUPS, which would give you a new "TAB" and if you can set a few groups for your parameters, then organizing them into TABS may make the presentation look better.

Of course, if you design your own custom front-end with Java or .NET or HTML, then you can design the parameter prompt anyway you like.

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Re: Can the parameter screen be resized?

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OK..... thanks for the info, Cindy. Have a great day!
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