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Calling Web Reports from Stored process with Parameters

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Calling Web Reports from Stored process with Parameters

Afternoon All ,

I've got a stored process which applies a URL to the data offering a drill though to more detailed reports.

If I'm calling another stored process from this lin its really easy to pass prompting calues to the called process.

However I'd also like to call reports created within Web Report Studio (Eg. ReportX.srx) but am having a nightmare of a time attempting to get passed the parameter page.

For calling a stored process its simply just adding the prompt name and a value to the end of the URL, this doesn't seem to have ANY affect for a Web Report.

I need to pass 3 prompts through when calling, what we call an Area code (a 5 char string) a start_date and an end_date.

Any help/thoughts would be great...

Extreamly cut down version of my code below.

ODS HTML body=_webout style=SASWeb;

proc reprot data=sashelp.class;

compute name;

     call define(_Col_,'url','do?_program=/ReportX&Area_Prompt=21001');




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