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Build Multiple STP Prompts from One Dataset

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Build Multiple STP Prompts from One Dataset



Is there a good way that I can use a single dataset to define the response options for several stored process prompts?


Suppose I make a MyPrompts dataset like:

Prompt    Value   Label
Prompt1   A         Pretty A
Prompt1   B         Pretty B
Prompt2   X         Pretty X Label
Prompt2   Y         Pretty Y Label
Prompt2 Z Pretty Z Label


In SAS Management Console, I would like to define a stored process and create Prompt1 which would have options A/B (formatted as Pretty A / Pretty B)  and also Prompt2 with options X/Y/Z.  Similar to the way you can make a single CNTLIN dataset for PROC FORMAT which defines multiple formats.


Currently I end up making a separate dataset for each prompt, and registering each prompt-specific dataset in the metadata, which is a hassle.


I think I could do what I want in SAS Management Console when I create a dynamic prompt, if there was a way that I could say to use MyPrompts as the data source for a prompt *and* specify a criteria to subset its rows.  So when I create Prompt1, I would specify the data source as MyPrompts (where(Prompt="Prompt1")).


I thought maybe I could get what I want by using Dependencies.  But the dependencies only allow me to subset the source data by the value of another prompt.  In this case, I would want to subset by a literal value.  I suppose it might work if I defined a hidden prompt for each prompt which has the name of the prompt.  But ugh. 




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Re: Build Multiple STP Prompts from One Dataset

I think that you outlined the two options available to you: (1) separate view or table and (2) hidden, dependent prompt.


Vince DelGobbo


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