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Authorization Domains

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Authorization Domains

We are installing SAS on two computers. One computer holds the meta data server and is in the DefaultAuth Authorization Domain.

The username/password for the second server application is in a LinuxAuth domain.

I've been looking through the 5-6 manuals on the subject, but I can find any place where the Autorization Domain is tied to a specific application server. I was expecting to see an application server tied to an autorization domain. Currently it looks like EG is authorizing against the host rather than the Authorization Domain. Message was edited by: varronr
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Re: Authorization Domains

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I asked someone about this, and here is the information they provided:

You must set the authentication domain on the individual servers and spawners using the SAS Management Console Server Manager plug-in. For example, for a Workspace server, navigate to:

SASApp > SASApp Logical Workspace Server > SASApp - Workspace Server

In the right-hand pane, right-click on the connection and then select Properties. On the Options tab you will see a selection box for the authentication domain. The process is similar for a Stored Process server, but you will need to set the authentication domain for the connection and any load-balanced connections.

For the object spawner, select the spawner in the Server Manager plug-in, right-click on the operator connection, and then select Properties. The authentication domain can be set on the Options tab. Repeat the process for the port bank connections.

Vince DelGobbo
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