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Access to stored process web application

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Access to stored process web application

Where should i give the access to user to authenticate the stored proces web application?I tried giving access to the user in the management console even though i couldn't access the web application using that user id.

Please let me know the authentication procedure.
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Re: Access to stored process web application

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Usually, when a stored process runs on the stored process server, it uses a "general" SAS server id for authorization; while the workspace server, under some configurations, uses each user's id for authorization.

The stored process web application (SPWA ... http://SASStoredProcess/do?) should pop open a window for authentication/authorization when you execute a URL. Any security settings attach to the stored process or to the user, not to the SPWA.

So, you would not necessarily give blanket access to a user id in SAS Management Console. Generally, you would go to a stored process or to a stored process repository or to another kind of "asset" -- data library, for example and add the group that the user is in to that "asset".with the appropriate access levels (read, write, etc).

Security in the BI Platform is not something that I generally recomment setting based on single user IDs. After an analysis of your users and the kinds of functionality, types of libraries, types of stored process you want them to be able to execute, I would assign the users to groups and then give an entire group access to an "asset".

For more help with this, I really suggest contacting Tech Support, because working with security is not a trivial matter and should go beyond setting permissions for one user id.

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