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where are my holdouts?

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where are my holdouts?

hey all,

i am currently trying to analyse my discrete choice data, and i was hoping to get some advise from you.

i created 16 holdout choice sets using kuhfeld's %mktex macro. They were tagged with the constant "w". Afterwards, transformed the linear design into a choice design, using %mktkey and %mktroll.

The problem I am facing now is the following:

Instead of my original72 choice sets, I have 88. However, i cannot identify which of the 88 choice sets is a holdout choice set, and which not, as data sets do not contain the indicating "w" constant anymore. I already collected my data.

I doubt that I could just randomly extract 16 choice sets and use them as holdouts. So - how can I find out which 16 of the 88 choice sets are the holdouts?

I really appreciate your help,

cheers from europe
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Re: where are my holdouts?

it might be of interest that the log provides the following warning after i transformed the linear into a choice design:

WARNING: The variable W is in the DESIGN= data set but not the KEY= data set.

maybe this helps.....
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