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testing parameters across multiple linear models

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testing parameters across multiple linear models

In pharmacokinetics, I'm modeling renal and non-renal clearance, and GFR. In a system of linear regression models, I want to test whether a function of the parameter estimates in one model are equal to the parameter estimate in another.


Specifically (in SAS/STAT 14.1):


Proc SYSLin;
Identity CL = CLr + CLnr;
TvR:  Model CL   = CLR;
TvG:  Model CL   = GFR;
NRvG: Model CLnr = GFR;
RvG:  Model CLr  = GFR;
* the following two statements do work;
Intercepts: STest TvG.intercept = NRvG.intercept, TvG.intercept = TvR.intercept;
SlopeAdd:   STest TvG.GFR = NRvG.GFR + RvG.GFR; 
* the next statement doesnt work cuz its not a linear function;
SlopeMul: STest TvG.GFR = RvG.GFR * TvR.CLR;

Any ideas?

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