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In 90% confidence interval for 12 number of degrees of freedom , using Chi-square_(0.90)=5.226 and Chi-square_(0.05)=21.026 while in 95% confidence interval for 19 number of degrees of freedom we using Chi-suqare_(0.975)=8.907 and Chi-square_(0.025)=32.852. 

How can selcet a Chi-square interval for given number of degrees of freedom of a confidence level? Hope question is understandable.


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Re: statistics

This will show how to the values for the 5th and 95th percentiles for a Chi-sq with 12 df which would be the boundaries of a symetric 90% interval.

Data example;

Request the appropriate quantile as needed. The parameters could be variables in a data set.


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Re: statistics

Actually, the question isn't particularly clear.


You can select a chi-squared confidence interval from any textbook that has a table of the Chi-Squared distribution; and in SAS you can use the CINV function.

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