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sample a similar population?

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sample a similar population?

I'm not sure this is the correct forum so please someone point me in the right direction if it's not.

I have one population that is distributed a certain way by length of tenure and I'd like to sample from another population such that I end up with the same distribution. 

For example I have pop A summarized as follows:


tenure 1    10

tenure 2    30

tenure 3    25

tenure 4    35

and I'd like to randomly sample from pop B (say, 1,000,000 records) so that the 4 tenure buckets distribute just like pop A above so I'd have:

Pop B       N

tenure 1   100,000

tenure 2   300,000

tenure 3   250,000

tenure 4   350,000

I imagine there has to be some sort of statistical/sampling PROC to achieve this? If not, perhaps some basic code?

thanks a ton for any assistance!

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Re: sample a similar population?

proc surveyselect with SAMPRATE option.

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Re: sample a similar population?

Thank you Reeza, can you please provide sample syntax of how this would be accomplished with PROC SURVEYSELECT?  I've looked at the documentation and it seems pretty complex. 

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