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resampling with proc GLM (or any analytical proc)

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resampling with proc GLM (or any analytical proc)

Hello group:


I'm trying something new here and running into the usual programming snafu.


step 1 - use proc surveyselect to create several replicates of a dataset


step2 - use proc glm and ods to obtain a file of parameter estimates. Here's the code which works without the "by" clause.


ODS trace on;
ods output glm.anova.t2pcl_total.ParameterEstimates=foo.bar1;
proc glm data=boot1;
class cage (ref=first) ceduca (ref=last) cincome crace sex (ref=first);
model t2pcl_total = sex cage ceduca cincome crace /*_INTO_*/ overall_score /solution;
weight tot_weight;
by replicate; /* works without this on a single file */
ods trace off;


When computing one file the output "glm.anova.t2pcl_total.ParameterEstimates" gets created just fine but with multiple

replicates it creates a path like "glm.bygroup3.anova.t2pcl_total.ParameterEstimates" - this is clear from the trace in the

attached log file. See error message in attached file also.


I'm thinking the answer might lie in macro programming but that's just a guess. Any help greatly appreciated.








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Re: resampling with proc GLM (or any analytical proc)

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Just use


ods output ParameterEstimates=foo.bar1;


and everything, including the by variable, will be output to foo.bar1.

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Re: resampling with proc GLM (or any analytical proc)

Thanks, worked like a charm.

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