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repeated statement in proc mixed

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repeated statement in proc mixed

Does anyone know how to run a parallel model in proc mixed to the following:
proc glm;
class group wave danva_c_sex;
model danva_c_afsaderr danva_c_afangerr danva_c_affeaerr danva_c_afhaperr= group wave danva_c_sex danva_c_age_y group*danva_c_sex;
lsmeans group group*danva_c_sex / pdiff=all;
repeated trial 4;

Perhaps it is not possible, but I have been trying to use the repeated statement in proc mixed without much luck.

By way of explanation, the danva variables on the left side of the glm equation are subjects errors on different emotional faces. I am trying to test for an overall effect of emotion and these faces are given in a series, which is why most people analyze them as a repeated measure.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Re: repeated statement in proc mixed

Your repeated statement looks a lot different from mine. this what mine looks like:
Repeated subject = Site(treatment);

I don't see Trial 4 in your class or model statement. Maybe that is the problem? Message was edited by: Shmea
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