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repeated analysis with only one group.

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repeated analysis with only one group.



I am confused.  I have longitudinal data where patients came in for 20 to 30 times (visits).  Blood sugar was measured before and after a treatment.  


1. I know how to get the differences between the before and after (delta) of the blood sugar value.


2. However, there is only 1 treatment.  I have done this before using 2 treatments, but not 1 treatment. I read in a SAS book that this type of study is not the best design to use.  However, it's all we could do.  


So my question is, what do use to assess the delta blood sugars (all 20-30) over time?  Proc Mixed uses 2 treatments.  I have to consider covariates as well, b/c age advanced over these treatments and their medications changed, too. 


My data can be in long or short form - but if you can help with code and test to use, please say if the code is using long or short (across) data.  


I'm stuck. Thank you!   MG


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Betreff: repeated analysis with only one group.



I'm not sure how the design of your study looks like (e.g., what exactly is your DV; did the treatment take place somewhere in the sequences (20 to 30)). 


Bye, Daniel  

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