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proc varclus

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proc varclus

Hello, i have two questions :


1. i didn't understand what is difference between proc varclus and proc cluster(hierarchical clusterin)?  why i need proc varclus? (if i have data with 200 variables)


2. when i run proc varclus i write option of tree. at the end i want to know which variable at what cluster? how i know it? what i need write in procedure to get this?


thank you

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Re: proc varclus

1. Proc Cluster -> clusters observations together

Proc VarClus -> clusters variables together. 


2. Capture the ODS table

Check the structure of OutTree dataset. Not sure if it's one of those that can be used or only contains data for Proc tree. 



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Re: proc varclus

Can you explain me please, how can i know that proc varclus well clustered my variables? there a lot of otpus and i don't understand where i should see the the goodness of clustering. thank you

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