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proc mixed NOCLPRINT=10; unexpected warning?

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proc mixed NOCLPRINT=10; unexpected warning?

I wanted the printted ouput from my proc MIXED to trim down a little, I have MANY levels of USUBJID.  I added the NOCLPRINT option and got a big fat warning in the log.  I got the expected output but I don't need to be warned.

proc mixed data=analysis NOCLPRINT=10;          

    class parent trt02pn avisitn usubjid;                       

    model Y = parent|trt02pn|avisitn / ddfm=kenwardroger; 

    repeated avisitn / type=un subject=usubjid;                

WARNING: Class levels for USUBJID are not printed because of excessive size.

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Re: proc mixed NOCLPRINT=10; unexpected warning?

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I don't think you'll get around that warning.  You should be getting a list of the usubjid's with ten or less observations, and I will wager that you have a boatload of usubjid's that have only a single obs.

Steve Denham

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