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proc mi weird error

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proc mi weird error

I am getting some weird error while running proc mi :"ERROR: Floating Point Zero Divide"

proc mi data=WITHSIC2 seed=7545417 nimpute=5 out=WORK.SIC2imputefive;
class SIC2_CODE;
monotone reg( &varlist4)

discrim( SIC2_CODE= &varlist4/ details);
var &varlist4 SIC2_CODE;

Did anyone run into a similar issue?

Error Message:
505 proc mi data=WITHSIC2 seed=7545417 nimpute=5 out=WORK.SIC2imputefive;
506 class SIC2_CODE;
507 monotone reg( &varlist4)
508 discrim( SIC2_CODE= &varlist4/ details);
509 var &varlist4 SIC2_CODE;
510 run;

WARNING: The imputed variable EMPLOYEES_TOTAL in the MONOTONE statement is the leading variable
in the VAR list. Missing values for this variable will not be imputed.
ERROR: Floating Point Zero Divide.
ERROR: Termination due to Floating Point Exception
NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.
WARNING: The data set WORK.SIC2IMPUTEFIVE may be incomplete. When this step was stopped there
were 0 observations and 26 variables.
WARNING: Data set WORK.SIC2IMPUTEFIVE was not replaced because this step was stopped.
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