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proc logistic

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proc logistic

Hi all,


Can someone help and explain the  following question?


This question will ask you to provide missing code segments. A logistic regression model was fit on a data set where 40% of the outcomes were events (TARGET=1) and 60% were non-events (TARGET=0).

The analyst knows that the population where the model will be deployed has 5% events and 95% non-events. The analyst also knows that the company's profit margin for correctly targeted events is nine times higher than the company's loss for incorrectly targeted non-event.

proc logistic data = LOANS descending;
 model Purch = Inc Edu;
 score data = LOANS_V out = LOANS_VS priorevent= (insert X here);
data LOANS_VS; set LOANS_VS;
 Solicit = P_1 > (insert Y here);
What X and Y values should be added to the program to correctly score the data?
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Re: proc logistic

We don't do your homework for you in this forum.


Give the problem a try yourself, if you get the SAS code wrong, show us your code and then we can help.

Paige Miller
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