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proc glimmix Residuals

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proc glimmix Residuals

Hello everyone,

This is my final survival model for a bird breeding colony, and I would take the residuals. I know that in proc mixed I must write "/outp=" just behind the model, but I do not know what should I use in proc glimmix.

proc glimmix data=Survival INFOCRIT=PQ  noreml;

class treartment attempt year nest ring;

model Survival = treatment Year attempt Treatment*attempt size/ dist= binomial link=logit solution cl;

random Year/ subject=ring(nest) type=Cs residual;

lsmeans  treatment;


Thanks very much for your help.

Best wishes,


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Re: proc glimmix Residuals

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The documentation for PROC GLIMMIX is very helpful. It says you should add an OUTPUT statement

SAS/STAT(R) 13.2 User's Guide

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Re: proc glimmix Residuals

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What are you going to do with the residuals from a binomial distribution?  Recall that there is no "error term" outside of the model formulation for a generalized linear mixed model that employs a binomial distribution, as there would be for models employing a normal or lognormal distribution.  Original scale "residuals" will consist of a set of negative ones, zeroes, and positive ones.  These are good for calculating concordances or ROC curves, if that is where you are going.

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Re: proc glimmix Residuals

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Thank you very much!

In case of not getting the model residuals, I would not integrating the effect of "size". Then... Would it be correct to use only raw data to examine the results graphically without taking into account other significant covariates?

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