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obtaining adjusted rate for one group

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obtaining adjusted rate for one group


Please, I want to obtain adjusted event rate using genmod procedure. For two groups this is quite easy using the lsmeans statement. My outcome is a count of event which follows Poisson distribution.

That is,

proc genmod data=me;

class group;

model outcome=group age weight/link=log dist=poisson

lsmeean group/exp;


Where group variable has two groups code 1 if group=0 and 0 if group=1;

Now, I have only one arm, but I will still like to obtain the adjusted rate (i.e. adjusting for age and weight). Does any one know if this is possible in the genmod procedure? I will also like to know if similar adjusted estimate is possible using the GLM procedure as I have another variable that is continuous.



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Re: obtaining adjusted rate for one group

The intercept is the source for the adjusted rate in a single arrm trial.  You "adjust out" for the continuous covariates, and get the "rate" at the mean values of the covariates.

Steve Denham

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