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marginal models in SAS adding weights of survey data

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marginal models in SAS adding weights of survey data


1. For the marginal models from logistic regression to obtain risk ratio (RR) for survey data with weights due to raking, what procedure in SAS is appropriate or is there any?


ie. Which procedure in SAS is best to translate the following STATA codes (not involving weights) into SAS codes and then also allow the adding of raking weights for survey data?


logit quit i.expo age_c gender

margins expo, post

nlcom (risk_ratio: _b[1.expo] / _b[0.expo])


2. For the following STATA codes using the “adjrr “STATA package that estimates marginal RR, which procedure in SAS is equivalent, and is there any SAS macro that functions similarly as the “adjrr “STATA package?

Also, I need to add raking weights for survey data later, so does SAS have a procedure that allows such weights to be added for such model as shown below by STATA codes?


ssc install adjrr

logit quit expo age_c gender

adjrr expo




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