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hypothesis testing in threedimensional frequency table

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hypothesis testing in threedimensional frequency table


I have a dataset on the level of couples: two persons, their social
status (upper and lower class), their place of living (A and B), and a
measure of their closeness (kinship level 0, 1, 2). A simple way of
analysing these data is a threedimensional (or rather two
threedimensional or one fourdimensional) frequency table, with row
percentages. The table shows e.g. that in place "A", couples in the
upper class have a tendency to be "closer" to each other (in terms of
kinship) than couples in the lower class. I need a statistical test
for this comparison of row percentages. In a statistics introductory
text, I actually found formulas for calculating confidence limits and
the like for the difference of two row percentages in twodimensional
tables. But I do not see this, particularly for more-dimensional
tables, in SAS.

Or should we try (ordered) logistic regression, with closeness
(kinship level 0, 1, 2) as the dependent variable and combinations of
the other variables (say place, class of person 1 and class of person
2) as predictors? This seems odd for theoretical reasons (social class
does not MAKE people closer in kinship terms, it's probably the other
way round).

Thanks for any suggestions!

Georg Fertig
(History department, Univ. Muenster, Germany)
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Re: hypothesis testing in threedimensional frequency table

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Check out GENMOD. It was designed for these sorts of analyses.
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