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how to compare regression results?

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how to compare regression results?

Hello, All

Suppose I have two datasets: dataset_1 and dataset_2. The two datasets have same variables (variables Y and X, and variable Y is binary); however, the observations of two datasets are different.

I did logistic regressions on two datasets, respectively; and I got coefficients of X from each regression, say, coefficient_X_dataset_1, and coefficient_X_dataset_2.

My question is : how can we know if these two coefficients are significantly different?

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Re: how to compare regression results?

You may want to look into PROC TTEST.  It can compare data that comes from summary statistics.  The work will be in getting your coefficient datasets into shape, with the necessary labeled variables (mean, standard deviation, number of observations).

Good luck

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Re: how to compare regression results?

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Sorry for the late response and thank you very much.

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