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creating a factor using cfa

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creating a factor using cfa

Hi folks,

I created several latent factors using proc factor.

The items under each factor loads well, and I created the value of the composite using factor scores. 

However, when I am about to use the factors as my independent variables in a model and I need to report descriptive statistics, I found generally the standard deviation of the facotrs are bigger than their means. Usually people would see a redflag when S.D. is bigger than the mean...But I think this rule may not apply to factors created based on factor scores? How can I explain it?

Mean        Std Dev           Minimum      Maximum
0.158052   0.9290338     -3.4236783    1.781888

Mean                 Std Dev         Minimum    Maximum
-0.0573974    0.9146756    -0.6069258     5.511616

Mean              Std Dev            Minimum      Maximum
-0.1035039    0.8218769      -0.3771253     9.7391213

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Re: creating a factor using cfa

Means of factors should be close to zero. This is not a problem with the factors.

Paige Miller
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