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comparing 2 large data sets

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comparing 2 large data sets

I have 2 data sets with the same named 150 variables and need to look at them side by side by their unique id.  I need to check how closely the data set I created matches what should be a near identical data set I am trying to emulate.  How do I look at these datasets side by side in one data set by the unique identifier so I can put it is a pivot table (not my  choice but my task) to compare the 2 sets of 150 variables?

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Re: comparing 2 large data sets

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The standard way to compare two data set to see if they are equal is PROC COMPARE.  If you suspect they are nearly equal and want to locate the few inequalities, this would be a good way to go about it.

You mention that you have a unique identifier.  PROC COMPARE does permit the use of a BY statement.

Good luck.

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