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Weighting social network ties from Add Health in SAS

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Weighting social network ties from Add Health in SAS

I am using Add Health social network data.  I have about 7000 subjects in my analytic set, and each has an average of 4 ties, (they had the option of up to 10), but not necessarily to participants in the analytic set. There are about 90,000 participants total. I want to weight the ties; 1 for unreciprocated outgoing ties, 2 for unreciprocated incoming ties, and 3 for reciprocated ties.  So I need the nomination information of all the 90,000, in order to know who has nominated those in my analytic set.

The data is in the format:

Participant ID      Male friend 1 ID (MF1AID)   MF2AID  MF3AID MF4AID MF5AID Female Friend 1 ID (FF1AID) FF2AID FF3AID FF4AID FF5AID

Weighting ties could be done in an adjacency matrix, but from what I am reading, that is a pretty big adjacency matrix. After the ties are weighted, I want to analyze the data for bridging.   Ideally, I would also like to use the data from the alters to determine how many alters reported smoking.  Can I use proc optnet for this?  Do I need to convert the data to an adjacency matrix to do it?

I am new to using SAS for any type of social network analysis. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Barbara Wise

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