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Two-sample proportions test

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Two-sample proportions test

I have 2 cohorts with counts of an event for each. But I've calculated 3 different relative percentages - % of the overall cohort, % of all those patients who have evidence of the event and % of patients in a similar age group. So the denominator in the % changes for each.

I've done a chi-squared test but I don't think that's entirely what I want. Basically I want to test the 2-sample proportion values for each type of proportion to test whether p(cohort1)=p(cohort2) and I'm just not thinking clearly.

What am I missing??? Or doesn't it matter?

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Re: Two-sample proportions test

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I think rather than %, calculate freq/counts and then you can use a proc freq to get the difference between cohorts for the different ratios and calculate odds ratio between the two.

Hopefully someone can verify that's correct...
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Re: Two-sample proportions test

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How about:
proc freq data=data;
tables a*b /chisq riskdiff;
riskdiff will give difference in proportion and its limited interval.

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