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Tukey P values

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Tukey P values

I am trying to get a table of all the p-values for Tukey multiple comparison and I get an SAS error when trying to run the my code.  I am using SAS ONdemand(online) version.  


PROC GLM data = oil;
Class oil Cylinder;
model mpg=cylinder oil cylinder*oil;
*means Oil*Cylinder /cldiff tukey;
lsmeans oil/stderr pdiff=all adjust=tukey;


here is the error:


/‌pbr/‌biconfig/‌940/‌Lev1/‌Web/‌WebAppServer/‌SASServer1_1/‌temp/‌SASStudioSessions/‌b20224ef-20c7-422d-939a-39d41783d0b6/‌ (No such file or directory)

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Re: Tukey P values

I logged out and back in and now it works.  Thanks

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Re: Tukey P values

Please mark the question as solved, with your answer of logging out/back in as the solution.

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