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Trendline similar to Excel

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Trendline similar to Excel


I have a data sample that looks loke this:

Month       Name      Income

January     Mary        1543

February   Mary        1654

March       Mary        1578

January     Joan         2345

February    Joan        2378

March        Joan        2350

January      Hillary      3567

February     Hillary      3678

March         Hillary      3456

I want to see the trend for "Income" for each person considering the data from each month. In Excel I could do a graph for each one and use the option "Add trendline". This is just an example, but I have a larer database for which I need to do it. Is there any possibility to do it using SAS? I do not necessarily need a graphic, a result like "ascending" or "descending" would be enough.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Trendline similar to Excel

Try the following code.  It's more complicated than usual because your variable, MONTH, is a character variable

that may not be compatible with a variable specified in the PLOT statement of PROC GPLOT.

Another alternative would be a linear regression using PROC REG, regressing income on month, and looking for

positive, neutral, or negative regression coefficients for month.


* Formats for month variables;

proc format;

   value $monthfm "January"="1" "Februrary"="2" . . .  "December"="12";

   value month 1="January" 2="February" . . . 12="December";


* Convert month-names to numbers from 1 to 12;

data new;



    output new;


* Sort data by name and number of month;

proc sort data=new equals;

   by name monthnum;


* Plot income vs. month and interpolate a linear regression line;

*  for each name;

symbol1 v=plus i=rl;

proc gplot data=new;

   by name;

   plot income*monthnum;

   format monthnum month.;



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