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T-Test Wilcoxon Test

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T-Test Wilcoxon Test



I have a data set and I'm trying to re-create a summary table of statistics from a prior analysis.


I'm able to re-create everything except for the t-test and wilcoxon p-value. 


When I try proc univariate or proc ttest, all the p-values I get are always <0.0001 no matter what variable I'm looking at. Any suggestions?


Variable Birth WtNmissMean (std)MedianIQRRangeNmissMean (std)MedianIQRRangeP_valueP-value
Birth WeightVLBW01093.05 (284.4)1140846-1346(525, 1500)0899.10 (277.24)840700-1159(430, 1495)<.0001<.0001
(gram) Non-VLBW02830.32 (783.4)28252160-3455(1529, 4735)02592.59 (764.4)24101956-3118(1505, 4224)0.03430.0301
Head Circ VLBW1425.417 (2.561)25.523-27.7(20, 30.8)924.203 (2.65)2422-26.3(20, 30)0.00680.0064
(cm) Non-VLBW4832.675 (2.675)3331-34.5(23, 37.7)1231.83 (2.793)3230-34(26, 42)0.05590.0157
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Re: T-Test Wilcoxon Test

You really should show the code you are using. And you may need to provide some example data.


Test results are results of the combination of requested tests, options and data.

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Re: T-Test Wilcoxon Test

You're doing something wrong. I'd tell you what but I can't see your data, code, log, results, etc.


Isn't Wilcoxon from PROC NPAR1WAY?


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