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Summarize Kruskal Wallis output

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Summarize Kruskal Wallis output

Hi there,

The Npar1was procedure is used to get the Kruskal Wallis test. The output of this procedure has lots of stats but I just need the median of several variables for two groups (numbers below are the medians in an hypothetical example) and the p-value of Kruskal Wallis test. What options  does SAS have for the npar1way procedure to get this?, an example below is what I need:


  Group 1 Group 2 p-value by Kruskal Wallis test
Age 15.4 18.2 0.34
height 1.67 1.87 0.2
Weight 67.2 62 0.02


all your help will be appreciated




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Re: Summarize Kruskal Wallis output

I don't think PROC NPAR1WAY will give you a table like that. 


You can create it yourself using the ODS Output to compile it together though.

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