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Statistical test for single arm study

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Statistical test for single arm study

Hello everyone,

Can anybody tell me the statistical test that can be used for the single arm study with multiple time point (repeated measures). We have total five time points here say baseline, week12, week24, week36 and week48. Can we use repeated measure anova here.

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Re: Statistical test for single arm study

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Yes, something along the lines of:

proc glimmix data=yourdata;

class timepoint subjectid;

model response=timepoint /*Insert any distribution or link functions here as needed*/;

random timepoint/subject=subjectid type=ar(1); /* ARH(1) may also be appropriate here.  Also, if the response variable has a Gaussian distribution for residuals, then the residual option should be invoked here as well */

lsmeans timepoint/diff=control;


This will give a test of each timepoint versus the baseline.

Steve Denham

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