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Split plot repeated measures help?

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Split plot repeated measures help?

I am working on sas code to test for treatment effects on soil pH through time.

I have 4 plots (reps), two of which are fertilized, and two that are not fertilized (Treat)

1/2 of each plot was plowed (plow)

I measured soil pH at four uneven time intervals (DOY), so end up with 32 data points.

Here is the code I developed - am I missing something?  Thanks!

proc mixed data=soil; class treat plow reps doy;

model pH = treat|plow|doy / Lcomponents;

repeated doy / sub=treat type=cs;


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Re: Split plot repeated measures help?

Looks OK to me

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Re: Split plot repeated measures help?

I agree with Peter, the code formulation is perfect.  I would hesitate on specifying a compound symmetry error structure, as it assumes equal correlations between days, no matter how far separated in time, and equal covariances at each time point.  However, because of the small N for timepoints, and unequal spacing in time, this may be the only candidate that will be able to be fit.

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Re: Split plot repeated measures help?


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