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Specification of Random Effect with Phreg Random Statement

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Specification of Random Effect with Phreg Random Statement

I am analyzing some data about the hazard likelihood of children being investigated for child abuse to be placed in foster care by the different child protection agencies in a state. As we suppose the agencies differ in their rate of child placement, I try to use the PHREG procedure with the agencies as clusters using the random statement.


The following is one of the SAS syntax I use:  

 proc phreg data=here.inv_spell;

 ods output FitStatistics=f2 ParameterEstimates=p2 solutionR=r2;

          class genderf (ref=First) inv_age (ref=First) ethnic_inv (ref='WH')  disp_new (ref='Substantiated')

            perp_new (ref=First) iy  (ref=FIRST) agency /PARAM=REFERENCE;

                model invsp_all*invsp_cen(1)=

                      iy genderf inv_age ethnic_inv perp_new disp_new  ;

                     random agency /solution;



The results indicate strong clustering effect of the agencies. I would like to further investigate whether the effect of child age or other covariates differs among the agencies. I wonder what the best way to specify that in the model. I tried to  use “random invagecat /subject=dcs_agency  solution”, but it does not work. I would be glad if you can give me some suggestions. I am using SAS 9.4 for Unix. 





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