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Shared frailty model PHREG

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Shared frailty model PHREG

Hello everybody


I try to run a shared frailty model with this code :


proc phreg data=ptiteq_c.c2 ;

class cut equipgrf;

model delaij*evtgrf(0)= 

 cut /rl;

random equipgrf/ solution ;




What I get is this :




Apparently, I have to take into account adjusted p-values from type 3 tests instead of usual p-values ("Penalized Partial Likelihood Approach "). I am also interested in the value of hazard ratio and 95% CI of my parameter "cut" (fixed effect). However, HR and 95%CI correspond to a usual p-value and not an adjusted p-value. As a result, I don't know if HR and 95%CI estimations are correct or not and if I can present adjusted p-values, HR and 95%CI together in the same table.


Could you help me please?


Many thanks,






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