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SAS ROC Curve and Sensitivity/Specificity

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SAS ROC Curve and Sensitivity/Specificity

Hello, I am working on using ROC curves using the Proc Logistic. I have used my ROC curves for what I need but am trying to create a table for 4 different models that shows the Sensitivity/Specificity/PPV/and NPV that looks similar to the attached Untitled JPEG. I am trying to use a cutpoint of 95% sensitivity, so i was able to pull up the dataset table created by the proc logistic (see the excel output) and I went down to the sensitivity of 95% and found a 1-specifcity of .23. How do i go about getting confidence intervals for the sensitviity, specificty and how do i calculate the ppv/npv as well from this? I am looking at a score that has continuous variables from 1-24 to see its accuracy in prediciting an outcome of alive or dead.


Should I be doing this a different way than proc logistic? My code is:


proc logistic data= test.n;
	model dead (ref = first) = rems_new /outroc =roc1;


Thank you!

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