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SAS Management Console

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SAS Management Console

Hello All,

currently i am using mu own uder id and password to login SAS Metadata server as admin. I have same user id and password for my local desktop too. I am thinking to create new user id and passowrd for metdata server which i could give to other database users who wants to access SAS metadata server from different database server. How can i create new user id and password and what impact it would have once it created?

Basically, as i am using same user id and password for metadata and local desktop, i don't want to give other people same userid and password.

Please advise.

Thanks all.

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Re: SAS Management Console

Security administration is a very large subject, and there a lot of documentation and guidelines out there.

It's hard to give you any specific recommendations, since I don't know your environment, your role, and what roles the "other database users" have.

But, individual logins are best practice. You could have a few internal accounts just for metadata administrators. And then use individual accounts ("desktop accounts") with limited access for every day use.

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Re: SAS Management Console

Thanks for your reply LinusH. I understand your comment. but i am assuming your comment is based on internal SAS metadata users who are already added as a metadata users in the server.

Let me tell you i am new at this role, SAS Admin so please correct me if i am wrong at any point.

But, i am questioning like, what if someone from other database wants to connect my SAS metadata server for any inforamtion or data? As admin, i am using my own user id and password to log in but i think i should not give that user id and psw. I think i have to create once seperate testid and password for my SAS metadata server same as other database has.

So basically if i am correct then how can i make that test id and password for my server so that other database people who wants to connect my SAS Metadata Server can use that test id and psw?

lets say, i have following information to give for any one who wants to join our server.

Connection Name/Connection Source/Port number. But i don't have seperate testid and psw beside my login and psw as admin.


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