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Risk score stratification model by SAS

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Risk score stratification model by SAS

I am going to perform a project to analyse certain event risk score, it is similar as that I read from a paper at


In the paper "A Risk Score Calculator for Short Term Morbidity Following Hip Fracture Surgery",

 A logistic regress model is built, followed by risk score stratification model, due to no dataset available, it is hard to understand the procedure, I am wondering if anyone could give me a similar example with a dataset, so that I am able to run the program for understanding. Thank you!

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Re: Risk score stratification model by SAS

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I generally suggest attempting to contact the author of a paper for the data used in an example if they haven't included it as part of the paper. That way you should get the same results and know that you haven't broken the code or logic.


Made up random data is not likely to help the understanding as the results would differ and we would have to spend way too much of our volunteered time trying ot replicate something that might work.

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