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Release numbers can be tricky. Be ready for 12.1

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Release numbers can be tricky. Be ready for 12.1

Have you heard about SAS/STAT 12.1?  There's a blog post out today that introduces the new numbering scheme for SAS/STAT.  The blog post references a paper from SAS Global Forum 2012 titled Look Out: After SAS/STAT® 9.3 Comes SAS/STAT 12.1!

If you are a regular SAS/STAT user, you'll want to read this paper.  It reviews highlights from earlier releases and describes highlights of SAS/STAT 12.1, slated for release during 2012.  To ensure that you don't miss future information about the release and its features, subscribe to Statistics and Operations Research News.  (Read the current edition here and you'll see that these newsletters contain so much great information.)

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