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Regression Technique

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Regression Technique

If your dependent variable is a continuous variable but is bounded between 0 and 100, what type of regression analysis would work best? 

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Re: Regression Technique

Assuming that your dependent variable is a percentage, you should consider transforming it for doing regression. Good documentation on this topic is given in SAS/IML doc  :



arcsin(sqrt(y)) (where y is between 0 and 1) is the preferred transformation when the denominators of the proportions are within the same order of magnitude.

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Re: Regression Technique

Thanks! The depdenent variable is not a percentage, it's a ranking (0 is lowest, 100 is highest and have values all throughout).


But I assume I could divide all variable by 100 and use that technique?

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Re: Regression Technique

I could try GAMMA distribution.
Check the example of GENMOD.

Example 44.3: Gamma Distribution Applied to Life Data

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