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Randomization Algorithm

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Randomization Algorithm

Hi All!

Need help with an assignment.

The Task:  establish a randomization scheme for a randomized Phase II study of Treatments Y vs. Z in advanced prostate cancer patients. The study will be done in two stages. Fifteen patients per treatment will be assigned in Stage 1 and 15 per group in Stage 2. Produce a randomization list for them indicating how the total of 60 patients will be randomized to one of the two arms (15 to each arm for Stage 1, and 15 to each arm in Stage 2). The list should sorted by Stage, numbered from 1 to 30 within each stage, and show the corresponding treatment assignment Y or Z.


Here's How far I've gotten (see below)  Not sure if I should use proc plan or how to split each drug group into the 2 treatment arms OR if I should have spilt the group of 60 into 4 groups to begin with. Very confused at this point, pls help


data a;
do i =1 to 60;
number= ranuni(5);
proc rank data=a out= b;
var number;
ranks numrank;
data c;
set b;
if (numrank <=30) then group = 'Drug X';
else group = 'Drug Y';
proc freq data=c;
tables group;



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Re: Randomization Algorithm

You could use surveyselect with groups=4.

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Re: Randomization Algorithm

thanks! I'll try that

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