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R replaces SAS/STAT?

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R replaces SAS/STAT?

Will R replace SAS/STAT someday? Now big internet companies such as Google, Facebook etc only look for people with R skills.

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Re: R replaces SAS/STAT?

SAS has thrived for 35 years and is a 3 billion dollar a year company. It's not going anywhere and neither is SAS/STAT.

Regarding jobs, here are two opposing viewpoints: says: Job Skills That Lead to Bigger Paychecks | Monster

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Re: R replaces SAS/STAT?

Different shops have often used different products to do their stats. Once ingrained it can be culturally difficult for the organization to change. Program editor choices can be just as bad.

I am glad I moved back to a SAS shop as my last job used SPSS. Every year there was an "upgrade" to the software and we usually lost at least one key step in our processes. We had even kept a license for a version that was 4 upgrades out of date because no one could figure out how to duplicate the output a client wanted using the later versions.

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