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Question regarding Reading Raw data

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Question regarding Reading Raw data

Im having trouble reading these two data sets into SAS on demand for Academics.  Can someone assists me in getting the raw data into SAS studio?  My path in excel is

C:\Users\sking\Desktop\SAS exercises\SAS Data

However, my path in SAS studio is /home/seaneking10/xavier/boston.csv  I think my dilemma is these two paths not being the same.  How do I go about changing the path in SAS studio  so it reflects the path file on my C drive?  There is an upload feature in SAS on demand for Academics which allows you to upload from your desk top I've tried that and still got error messages.  So again, I have attached two data sets can someone please assist me with the code to get these two data sets read into SAS on demand for academics?

I believe my code should read:

Data boston;

infile C:\Users\sking\Desktop\SAS exercises\SAS Data\ boston.csv' dlm=',' firstobs =2;

input  var : $ $  : 4.2;


proc print;

Again my path in SAS on demand for academics reads  /home/seaneking10/xavier/boston.csv  How do I change this to reflect the path in the C drive?  I've tried to doing this manually and was unsuccessful

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