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Question on the Binomial

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Question on the Binomial

I was using proc freq to calculate sample size for a binomial proportion and I got numbers that disagree with what I have used in the past for 95% confidence with 95% reliability. Using a sample size of 59 I get:

result Frequency Percent Cumulative

Frequency Cumulative
Fail 0 0.00 0 0.00
Pass 59 100.00 59 100.00

Binomial Proportion for result = Pass
Proportion (P) 1.0000
ASE 0.0000
95% Lower Conf Limit 1.0000
95% Upper Conf Limit 1.0000

Exact Conf Limits
95% Lower Conf Limit 0.9394
95% Upper Conf Limit 1.0000

I was just curious why SAS gives me a confidence just under 94% and not 95%
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Re: Question on the Binomial

When you ask for EXACT you get what points actually in the Binomial distribution. For the sample size you have 0.9394 is as close as the distribution allows without going over.
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