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Question for BRFSS data

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Question for BRFSS data

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Hi all,

I'm a new user of Proc Glimmix and I would like to specify a multi-level logistic model by using this procedure.

The Data set I use is BRFSS. (Cluster sampling weight) From 2011 - 2014. 

The dependent variable is either "Ever been tested" or "Tested in the past 12 month" . Also these two variables are dummy variables. 

The data set only contain one global weight for each observation.(_LLCPWT)

Years(2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) are level 2 variables in my model.


Currently my codes are as follows:

proc glimmix data=xxx.test method=quadrature(qpoints=7) empirical=classical;
    Class year;
         model "Dependent variables"  =  "Here will be the independent variables"            /

                                                                   dist=binomial link=logit obsweight = _LLCPWT solution CL ODDSRATIO (DIFF=FIRST LABEL);
    random intercept / subject=year cl;


Just wondering is there any suggetion of my code? Thank you very much!





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Re: Question for BRFSS data

Or you could also check PROC GEE .
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