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Proc Tree output

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Proc Tree output


I am running PROC TREE in SAS EG. I’m using vpages=6 hpages=6 in order to create bigger tree picture (so SAS splits it on 6*6=36 pages). They are automatically called tree1.gif tree2.gif etc.
(I’m using goptions: gsfmode=replace device=gif);

In case program should be rerun and I try to do it without reopening EG, it continues numbering tree pictures from 37, 38, 39… and doesn’t start numbering from beginning. If EG is closed and reopened, picture numbering is correct (starting from tree1.gif).

I tried to delete temporary datasets before rerun, but it doesn’t help.

Is there a way to order SAS to make this numbering from beginning each time program is run?

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Re: Proc Tree output

Try specifying the graphics output catalog using GOUT= (so the output goes someplace that does not already have output with the same name) and set the GOPTION GOUTMODE=REPLACE. The GOUT may not be needed but I find it helpful to specify where things are going whenever output behaves unexpectedly.
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