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Proc Glm



I am doing multiple linear regression modeling and I was wondering if there is a way to report variance explained by each predictor aside from the variance explained by the entire model. Any help is much appreciated. Also, if there is another linear modeling procedure that can do this and handle multiple predictors that would be helpful too.



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Re: Proc Glm

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Variance explained by each predictor ... kind of a meaningless quantity unless you have an orthogonal designed experiment ... which it doesn't sound like you have


Nevertheless, it is the sum of squares for a model term divided by the degrees of freedom for the model term ... again totally meaningless in this situation ... feel free to ignore this value ... or in other words, the question cannot be answered for multiple linear regression unless you have an orthogonal experiment ... you can do the calculations, but you can't assign meaning to the numbers you calculate.

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Re: Proc Glm

Perhaps you could rephrase the question to indicate something about what question you are trying to answer with these values.


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