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Problem Description: PHREG procedure

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Problem Description: PHREG procedure

Problem Description:   

data rischio; set raffy; proc phreg data=rischio COVS(aggregate) COVM namelen=22;

class centrocut(ref='0') cd4cut(ref='A') emocut(ref='A');

model follKM*statusKM(0)= centrocut emocut cd4cut cd4cut*emocut/risklimits;

id centrocut;

hazardratio 'cd4cut' cd4cut / diff=ref;

hazardratio 'emocut' emocut / diff=ref; run;


I can not see the main effects of cd4cut and emocut. I get results only for the interactive effect.

How can I get the HR for both the main effects and the interactive effect?


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Re: Problem Description: PHREG procedure

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From the documentation:

RISKLIMITS<=keyword> RL<=keyword>

produces confidence intervals for hazard ratios of main effects not involved in interactions or nestings
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Re: Problem Description: PHREG procedure

Thank you.


I know that.

For these reason I'm using HazardRatio.

However with HazardRatio I get the HR only for interacation effect and not for main effects .


can you help me?


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Re: Problem Description: PHREG procedure

Hi Ballardw,

can you help me?



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