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Probit regressions

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Probit regressions

I have SAS University Edition and am working on probit regressions; I have no problems running an ordinary probit model.
But in order to test the marginal effects (and thus be able to interpret the coefficients), I have read online that one needs to use the PROC QLIM procedure.
However PROC QLIM is not possible to do with the University Edition. 
Is there any alternative to using PROC QLIM to analyze the marginal effects that will work for SAS University Edition for a probit model?
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Re: Probit regressions

Try PROC GEE, with dist=binomial and link=probit options in the MODEL statement.  Try something like this example, setting link=probit.


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Re: Probit regressions

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Thanks for the info.


I contacted SAS and they told me to set up SAS OnDemand.


I need to do both probit and tobit regressions in the future, so it will be a much easier solution to have the PROC QLIM function with SAS OnDemand from here on out.



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Re: Probit regressions

you could do this by fitting the model in PROC NLMIXED and using the PREDICT statement.  see this note.

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