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I am super new to SAS. I was wondering how would you go about programming a simulation of the Price is Right game Plinko.
Thanks in advance for the help!
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Re: Plinko

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Do you mean the Plinko game on The Price Is Right where they drop a ball in the top and it hits all the pegs on the way down and eventually lands in one of the cells at the bottom? If so then the first thing you'd have to do is figure out / guess / estimate what the probabilities are of the ball dropping into each cell at the bottom. Presumably it's symmetric, ie, the cell at the farthest left has an equal probability to the cell at the farthest right, etc. But what the probabilities are, I have no idea. If you have the probabilities (or any set of probabilities) then simulating that in SAS via a function (RANUNI I think) is easy.
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