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Phylogenetic Analyses in SAS

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Phylogenetic Analyses in SAS

I have read some papers that suggest they have used SAS to perform phylogenetic analyses of DNA sequences. Is this possible, as i can find no reference to it in the version of SAS that we run? At the moment i use free programmes to do this, but i suspect a system like SAS would produce a more robust analysis if it had the function.


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Phylogenetic Analyses in SAS


I don't do these sorts of analyses, but might offer some suggestions.

  1. perhaps you can do it with GLIM or GLIMMIX.  When I did a Google search for the title of your request, there are some detailed reference for how to do them using those procedures.  These procedures are part of SAS/Stat, so you probably have them.
  2. look at the documentation for SAS/Genetics if you have it.

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